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The best remedies to prevent colon cancer

Just as the colon cancer is one of the most common tumors, if diagnosed early; it is also one that has a higher cure rate. Betting on a balanced diet is the best prevention, which can reinforce some of these remedies. Takes note and invest in your health.

prevent colon cancer

Abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, polyps or genetic predisposition are some possible causes of colon cancer, one of the tumors with high cure rates and that, with a simple test, can be diagnosed. Anticipate the diagnosis is a key part of prevention, which begins with the day to day. If you want your health, and prevent colon cancer, notes these natural and home remedies.

Colon Cancer: Natural and Home Remedies
Several studies have found that a diet rich in fiber helps prevent colorectal cancer, since it facilitates intestinal transit and has a protective effect preventing the development of certain polyps that can become malignant. In addition to fiber, there are other home remedies that can also include in our daily diet:

Wheat bran at breakfast: Rich in folic acid helps reduce the chances of developing colon cancer. Whole grains contain folic acid. Add a handful of wheat bran to the milk or yogurt, or mix them with whole oats and corn.

Radishes: Ideal for lazy bowel. It contains methanethiol, which inhibits the production of cancer cells. Include them in your diet, along with onions, and preparing a healthy salad with lettuce (a food that provides natural defenses to your body).

Spirulina: Easily recognizable by its color, blue-green. It contains chlorophyll and phycocyanin, inhibitors of colon cancer. It can be taken in capsules (two or three a day before meals) or powder (one teaspoon per cup of water) to help protect your gut.

Tuna with oregano: Tuna, like oily fish, is especially rich in Omega 3, a substance that helps reduce the malignant cells in the intestine. Take two or three times a week, fresh, natural tuna and season with oregano, a garnish against colon tumors.

Vegetables and legumes: Different studies have found that calcium-rich foods help reduce the risk of colon cancer. These include vegetables and legumes. The greens, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and turnips are a source of calcium and beans and chickpeas, legumes contain more amount.

Dairy: An exceptional source of calcium. Take milk, yogurt and skim cheese (low fat), high in calcium.

As we have seen, food plays a key role in disease prevention. In fact, according to medical data, 35% of diagnosed tumors are caused by eating poorly, that is, to bring an unbalanced diet. It’s in your hands to change it. Your health will thank you.