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The color of the urine to find out if there are health problems

Do you know that the color of urine is an indicator of our health? The key change is a sign that we should not overlook. But what each color indicates?

color of the urine

The urine is the resulting end product of kidney filtration, so any change in color should be taken into account because it can warn us of the presence of any disease or abnormality. To exit of doubts and, above all, to avoid alarmed without reason, it is essential to know what indicates the color of urine and which colors can acquire. And that is precisely what we will see below.

Straw yellow

It can be defined as the normal color that should have the urine. Specifically, urine, when all is well and our body works correctly, must have a clear tone and even transparent. In short, a straw yellow color of urine is indicative of good health.

Bright yellow

If urine color becomes intense yellow can be due to consumption of certain drugs, such as those containing fluorescein or nitrofurantoin or which are used to treat infections of the urinary tract. Another cause is excessive consumption of carrots, but bewares, because it can also reveal a disorder of the kidneys.


When the urine turns green may be due to consumption of certain anti-inflammatory drugs, antidepressants, or drugs used in chemotherapy. The green can also be indicative of jaundice caused by increased bilirubin; typhoid and bacterial infections of the urinary tract.


Taking certain drugs, such as epirubicin or rifampin can give a red color urine and excessive consumption of foods such as blackberries or beets. But it may also indicate more serious abnormalities such as urinary tract infections, inflammation of the kidneys or mononucleosis (infection caused by a virus).


Certain treatments based on rifampicin or fluorescein can give this key to urine. The simplest explanation is that the color may be caused by excessive intake of spicy pepper and rhubarb. But this orange tone can also alert problem of dehydration in the body.

Dark, almost black

When urine becomes dark, almost black, it may be due to the consumption of a drug such as methyldopa, used against high blood pressure, or quinine against the fever. In the worst cases it can be a sign of melanoma (skin cancer), or stones in the gallbladder or liver diseases.