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The Drug Addiction Treatments That Doctors Keep Quiet About

If you, or someone close to you, is unfortunate to have a drug addiction the usual process involves a trip to the doctor’s surgery. Most of the time, this will yield the same results for each patient, with doctors having a set protocol to follow which usually involves the referral to the relevant professional.

alternate treatments

Bearing this in mind, some drug addiction treatment options are a little less mainstream and some readers may not have even heard of them. To highlight these in more detail, we’ve put together the following article. Here are three of the most common alternate treatments for drug addictions, which are rarely talked about by your typical doctor.

Nutritional Therapy
It’s understood that some people who are addicted to drugs are malnourished, with this actually encouraging their cravings. It’s not unheard of for there to be a lack of B vitamins, with this thought to prompt some of the behaviors that are associated by sufferers of this condition. Admittedly, different deficiencies will be prevalent in different people, but the principle remains the same.

It’s something that’s dominated the herbal medicine industry over the years, so we probably shouldn’t be surprised to read that acupuncture is now a big player in drug addiction treatment. It attempts to perfect any imbalances that are found in the body’s energy, by mainly targeting the kidney, liver and nervous systems. This is one of the treatments that is actually becoming more and more likely to be recommended by a doctor’s surgery.

Guided Imagery
This is something that some readers might struggle to buy into, but guided imagery is another alternate approach that is becoming more popular. For those unaware, this involves a patient picturing the life they want to lead. In the case of a drug addict, this would be a satisfied lifestyle without drugs. It can also encompass breathing exercises and muscle relaxation to enhance the effects.