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The most common errors when using contraceptives

Although access to information about contraception is not a problem, the fact is that there are still very common mistakes, and in which we continue to fall, by using contraception.

errors when using contraceptives

About 7 out of every 10 women (over 72%) use a contraceptive method to prevent unwanted pregnancy and to protect against other risks (such as ETS). However, in some cases, situations of risk are not given by do not use protection, but by doing so incorrectly. What are the most common mistakes when using contraceptives?

Stop taking pill regularly:The known as regular rest breaks (one month or more), which has now been found that are not desirable, among other reasons because the protection is lost immediately. It can also be the case replaced, during the break, the contraceptive pill by another method and not to use it the right way. This, logically, increases the chances of unwanted pregnancy.

Use condoms incorrectly: Although it is the most used method, not always done well. The unforeseen relations, do not be in the fertile days or, simply the euphoria of the moment sometimes lead to even use, which can make the chances of pregnancy are multiplied by not using a condom.

Not knowing what is your method: Every woman should choose the contraceptive method that best suits their needs. Most women do not consult a doctor or gynecologist about which method is the most appropriate, informing their advantages and disadvantages.

Not knowing which is the dual method: It is the way to call the combination of a birth control method such as the pill, IUD, vaginal ring, implant or patch with condom, the safest method to prevent STDs.

Do not carry any condom: Although it is the most used, as note the surveys annually, does not mean that we take it over. In fact, 30% of women not wearing condoms in her purse when leaving home.

Do not use condoms because he does not want: A mistake to correct, because otherwise the pregnancy is almost assured. It is convenient with the couple agreeing to use the contraceptive method, but that does not mean that we should not use any.

Be smoker and take pill after 35: The snuff, in itself, is bad for health. From the 35, if the pill is taken, avoid the snuff because it can increase the risk of cardiovascular problems.

Not to use any method: the error of errors to avoid unwanted pregnancies.