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The role of vitamin supplements: An indispensable aid for our health

Although until recently the role of vitamin supplements had been limited to the occasional moments of nutritional deficiencies, the fact is that also appear to be called to play a preventive role no less important. Greater awareness by health care has led to again pay attention to supplements, which can be essential to better help our well-being and been psychophysical. That itself, it is very important to note that vitamin supplements should not be substituted, in any case, food. That is, it can complement a balanced diet but not to replace foods that provide essential nutrients such as vitamins for example.

role of vitamin supplements

Today we find many kinds of vitamin supplements. Some experts suggest that it is best to take vitamins directly from foods, but others also point out that at certain stages (pregnancy, fatigue, stress …) it is advisable to supplement the diet with some of these supplements.

Vitamin supplements types

The multivitamin or hemochromatosis supplements are recommended in times of physical fatigue or intense activity. For its part, the group B supplements are rich in vitamins of this group.

The single-vitamin supplements must be prescribed by a doctor once it finds the nutritional deficiency of this vitamin in particular.

Vitamin supplements are regulated by the European Directive 2002/46/EC, ensuring a high level of protection throughout the European Union. Thanks to this legislation supplements can not be marketed unless they meet certain physiological and nutritional characteristics that have been scientifically proven.

The selection of supplements is under the strict control of competent health authorities, being the companies forced to present the products for a precise analysis. As for the labels, they should inform the type of supplement, concentrations of the substances contained in it, how to take it and what does it do, to ensure maximum transparency and consumer information.