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Tomato diet to prevent breast cancer

Adopt a lifestyle as healthy as possible is the first recommendation for preventing breast cancer, and that includes a healthy diet, such as tomato diet, which has been found as an interesting ally to prevent the most common female cancer.

tomato diet

We knew that tomatoes are good for health, adding yet another argument over for inclusion in the diet, and that is, supported by the results of a new study conducted in the U.S. helps reduce the risk of developing breast cancer, especially in postmenopausal women in whom there has been an increased vulnerability to increases body mass index (weight). To break the stats and counter the risks, the tomato has a positive effect on the level of hormones involved in the metabolism and absorption of fats and sugar.

Tomato Diet: Benefits

Eating tomatoes, or products made from tomatoes, is good for health, as specialists say. In addition to providing the benefits of many other fruits and vegetables, such as vitamins and minerals, it is rich in lycopene, which is attributed to the significant benefits.

For this reason, regular consumption of fruits and vegetables – remember, a healthy diet should include five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day – helping the prevention of the most common female cancer, whose survival rates, and this is also important to point this out, are increasingly higher thanks to greater awareness, the early diagnosis and effective treatment.

To see the benefits of tomato diet in preventing breast tumor, we analyzed the diet of 70 women – postmenopausal age- based on tomato and soybean. The analysis lasted for several months. Thus, for a period of 10 weeks the diet of women was based on tomato products containing a minimum of 25 milligrams of lycopene per day; in another similar period took at least 40 grams of soy protein per day. Before participating in research women spent two weeks without taking products containing tomatoes or soybeans.

By following a diet rich in tomato, the results revealed that levels of adiponectin increased. This hormone is responsible for regulating the levels of fat and sugar in the blood. The increase was 9%. Slightly greater effect in women who had a lower BMI. Meanwhile, the soy diet was associated with a decrease of this hormone.

This research yields more data to take into account, and it is important to control weight problems for prevention of health problems, in this case, breast cancer. The impact of tomato diet was higher in women who had a healthy weight.

Without a doubt, one more healthy reason to eat tomatoes, a food rich in antioxidants, low in calories, rich in vitamins A and C (helps prevent infections) and minerals (phosphorus, potassium, calcium or magnesium) and helps reduce the cholesterol levels. The tomato is a very versatile food because it can be included in salads or directly make soups, gazpacho and juices, among other.