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Tumor or cyst: Discover the differences

When we feel we have a lump or swelling in any part of our body in which should not be we care about, and almost always put ourselves in the worst thinking it may be a malignant tumor.

tumor or cyst

But this is not always the case, as even though sometimes we can be right, can also be a benign tumor or a cyst, which is not the same. So it’s good to know differentiate and get to know a little more what we face when we found a lump in any area of the body that should not be there.

For women, we often strange when touching us the chest and see that we have a bump as quickly associate with breast cancer, but not always the case, it may be some mild impairment.

It is true that we can have a tumor, but it can be benign, which is not necessarily bad, or a cyst. Today we’ll show you the difference between tumor and cyst, which not only occur in the chest, but it also can occur in other parts of the body and need to know what we really face.

What is a tumor

A tumor is an alteration of tissues that produces an increase in volume (that’s why before we talked about that we can feel bumps) and thus an abnormal enlargement of a body part.

Whenever we heard the word tumor and put ourselves in the worst thinking that what we suffer is very serious, but as we have said there are two types: benign and malignant.

Benign tumors do not pose a serious risk to our lives as the cells that comprise it remain together and not spread aggressively and invade other tissues, so it is removed and in most cases does not recur.

Malignant tumors, however, are carcinogens and what happens with them is that the cells grow rapidly and can damage and invade other tissues and organs causing metastasis.

What is a cyst

Cysts are small bags or air sacs and, fluid or semi-solid material that is generated in the body. These may be the result of a problem in embryonic development during pregnancy or come on suddenly without apparent cause.

Cysts can be dangers that may affect nearby tissues or organs and may disappear spontaneously, by drainage or intervening surgically, although these operations are usually not large, depending on where it is located and the kind.

It is good to know these differences not to startle excessively without reason, but more importantly to prevent this type of inflammation or any health problem is prevention, and we must suggest medical checkups annually.

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