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Varicose Veins: What should we do?

Addition to unsightly varicose veins can become a serious circulatory problem unless we adopt a series of care. Eating a healthy and balanced diet, physical exercise regularly, use convenient and comfortable footwear and apply cold showers in the affected area are some of the tips that will help to prevent and relieve symptoms of varicose veins. But we must also take into account, and know, what not to do.

varicose veins

Varicose veins, plus it can be unsightly, are a vascular disorder. Not all disorders manifest themselves obvious. Some like arteriosclerosis may be asymptomatic, meaning no symptoms evident. More visible is called peripheral vascular disease, also known as varicose veins. Why does it occur? Varicose veins appear as a result of a weakness in the walls of the veins and that, in a progressive way, loses elasticity and widen, so it requires more space (hence its serpentine appearance).

The physical exercise is essential to prevent vascular problems. In the case of atherosclerosis, exercise helps reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight problems. In the case of varicose veins, physical activity enhances the effect of muscles on the column of blood in the lower limbs. Some simple exercises, such as walking, activate venous return.

When exercising, it is advisable to begin and end with stretching. Among the most recommended exercises, in addition to walking, including swimming, cycling or climb stairs.

In addition, there are other physical exercise habits to promote, such as healthy diet (rich in fiber, vegetables, fish, fruit, bread, yogurt and skim milk), use comfortable shoes (solid footwear, low heel) and cold water showers in the legs. In this case, it must begin with the toes of the feet, the water sliding along the leg, and making return back to the heel.

Varicose Veins: What not to do

To prevent varicose veins should avoid long remain standing or sitting, especially with your legs crossed. Similarly, avoid environments remain excessively heated, with warm, humid air and wear clothing too tight. It is advisable to wear narrow, pointed, high-heeled shoes. Within food, avoid excess food too greasy, salty or too much sugar.

It is not advisable to smoke, drink excessive alcohol or beverages with stimulants.

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