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Walking barefoot: Is it beneficial or harmful?

If we have a healthy foot, and walk barefoot along an area where there is no risk of being damaged, this habit can report us some interesting benefits. Did you know for example that can help relieve back pain? Exercising our foot, move it, it is essential not without reason that we cannot forget that we are talking about more than twenty bones and more than a hundred tendons, muscles and ligaments. Experts recommend walking barefoot around a half hour or 45 minutes per day.

walking barefoot

Entrance, walking is the most natural exercise, and walking barefoot will bring us some extra benefits for our body. Yes, as recommended by the experts it is a healthy habit if our foot is good (not oral lesions or other abnormalities, even have very sensitive skin). Grass, beach sand are two of the best surfaces to walk barefoot. Two scenarios that do not always have to hand, so following the recommendations of the experts, it is advisable to walk barefoot not-too-hard surface or in public places (gymnasiums, swimming pools …). Rather soft surfaces, in which the foot sinking, it is the right choice.

It is not advisable to walk without shoes or socks on a floor like vinyl because it can overheat the sole.

It is also good to walk barefoot about 30-45 minutes every day. But what benefits does our body? According to experts, walking barefoot helps relieve back pain, relieve muscle stiffness of the neck and improves prevention of headaches, improves circulation and prevents varicose veins.

The habit of walking barefoot helps improve mobility and maintain active the smaller muscles of the foot, which in some way will help us to protect them from the risk of a sprain. In addition, specialists in podiatry also considered that walking barefoot can be beneficial to children, in particular when beginning to take its first steps. One benefit is to improve the stability and the musculature of the foot.

Among the benefits listed above include the prevention of varicose veins. This effect is due to walk without shoes to the entire surface of the foot contacts the surface, improving the return of the venous circulation.

Walking barefoot and combat stress

Walking barefoot and combat stress can be an all in one. And, as say the experts in podiatry, barefoot walk makes that all the nerve endings of the feet, which triggers immediate means a relaxing effect of also it benefits our entire body. If stress is one the enemies of our health, the habit of walking barefoot can be a healthy remedy to combat it.

Finally, remember that if we walk barefoot we must take care especially the hygiene of the foot and hydrate them as it will have more tendencies to dry. In the case of children, it is advisable to put a non-slip sock to avoid falls and other hazards of foot injury.