Just as there is the Peter Pan syndrome, which refers to those who refuse to grow up and become adults, there is the opposite case, people assume more responsibilities for the due and believe that without their protection toward third persons, these are not well protected.

wendy syndrome

This behavior is called Wendy syndrome and usually affects women more than men. Often these two syndromes are complemented, since a Wendy seeking overprotect can arise a Peter Pan, and at the same time a Peter Pan who seeks the backing of a Wendy that assumes his own responsibilities.

While there are people who have fear of getting older, there are others that are overloaded both responsibilities and desire to satisfy the others are so large that their behavior results in what is called Wendy syndrome.

In general, more women than men who suffer Wendy syndrome due to cultural issues, and this is mainly manifested in the absolute need to satisfy the other, especially with reference to the partner or children.

A person who is suffering with this syndrome feels responsible for the welfare of others, as he believes that without his help could not achieve this. These people do not control the direction of his life and focus control of others, and often, the source of all this comes from the family’s past. If it is a small person who felt excluded and unprotected, is likely to acquire the role of adult hand and deal with it to meet their own shortcomings of the past.

These people also have a great sense of guilt when they see that they can not have everything under control and see their loved ones are not fully comfortable. But on the other hand, fear of rejection, abandonment and also does not feel loved acting this way only interested in pleasing everyone.

It is difficult to detect this type of behavior because the people themselves who suffer may not identify themselves in this situation, but must be controlled in some way because it can lead to a depression or a state of frustration.

This syndrome can lead to emotional disorders such as low self-esteem or insecurity, and that is why we should be treated with counseling, to enhance the value of that person and learn to say no.

Many times, the existence of a person with Wendy Syndrome also means that there is a Peter Pan in his life that will make all the things that he does and be responsible for what he does not want to assume.