What You Need to Know About the Brazilian Butt Lift

Wanting to improve your body is something that everyone goes through. Each person has different problem areas which may change as time goes on. One of the most common problem areas for those of any age is the rear. Many people have issues with butt sagging or having a butt that appears to be overly flat. Some people have a round bum that loses shape over time and becomes flabby. No matter the particular issue, a Brazilian butt lift can solve these issues. Before you sign up for your surgery, here are some things to know about a Brazilian butt lift.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian lifts are fat transfers

In order to have a Brazilian butt lift, you will have fat transferred from one area of your body into your butt. The fat can be transferred from a number of places, but ordinarily comes from the thighs or the stomach. Those with low body fat may have to gain a little bit of weight for the surgery, but those of a healthy weight will likely have enough fat to transfer. Speak with your doctor about your personal fat transfer questions.

Your butt will expand first with weight gain

It is important to understand just how weight gain will work when it comes to a fat transfer surgery. Fat cells are not multiplied, they are expanded. This means that if your butt is the area with the most fat cells, this is the area that will expand first when you gain weight. This is important to know, as your pant size will be the first thing to increase if you gain weight.

You cannot sit for three weeks

The hardest part of the surgery will be the recovery time. For one month, you will not be able to sit directly on your butt. This means that you will have to carry around a doughnut to sit on each place that you go, including the car. If you can, book this surgery during a vacation or when you have holiday time from work. This will help you to heal without having worrying about returning to your office desk.

Fees will greatly vary

Brazilian butt lifts have a fee that will vary greatly. The reason fees will depend on the doctor that you use, and the particular region you have the surgery performed. Read Brazilian butt lift reviews online so that you can make a great choice on the doctor to perform your surgery. It is important that the surgery be performed well and that you are happy with the results. The reviews will lead you towards the best doctors who are known to help create success stories for their surgical patients.