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When your eyes do not stop mourn: Causes and remedies

Have you ever noticed like you have sand in the eyes, pain or blurred vision? In these cases the most frequent answer is that our eyes are dry. When this happens, the dry eyes, the body stimulates the production of tears to compensate.

constant watering

It must be remembered that the tears play an essential role, such as the desire to keep the eyes clean and help prevent the presence of particles or foreign bodies. But there are other reasons for which our eyes can not stop mourn. If in addition to the above we note that the eyelids are shed and appears a burning sensation, the problem may be a conjunctivitis or blepharitis-inflammation of the edge of the eyelids caused by allergies (pollen, dust, pet dander, mold …). By the time we notice any symptoms or eye pain should consult a specialist, either to certify the causes that give rise to indicate the most appropriate treatment.

Another cause that may be behind the constant watering is when the flow of tears is an obstacle in its way out. This may be due to repeated infection in the eyes. If there is pain, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

A malformation-deviated nasal septum, eyelashes are born into or a wound in the conjunctiva also may be behind the tearing.

Feeling of ‘flies’ in your eyes

Having the feeling that float before our eyes ‘flies’ has a name and explanation. It is called floaters and they are small lumps that appear in the vitreous fluid that fills the eye cavity. It is not anything serious, as it can indicate the aging of the vitreous, although it may occur in younger people. It is usually more common in people with myopia or who have undergone surgery for cataracts. If suddenly appear, or with lights and flashes, consult a doctor because it may be a retinal problem.

Remedies of watery eyes

Although as noted is advisable to consult a doctor to determine the most appropriate treatment, there are some natural remedies that can be applied to relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of the eyes when they cease to mourn. So, the best known are flush eyes with chamomile tea or black tea. We can also choose to apply wet compresses on these infusions, especially when there is also redness and irritation.