Do you have a white tongue? Today we tell you the causes and remedies of this change of tone that, in most of the occasions is simply due to lack of hygiene. If the problem persists, it can become uncomfortable, especially if that white color is a symptom of bad breath, caused in turn by a problem or major condition.

cracked tongue

White tongue: What is it?

Our tongue, in general, usually has a pink tone; if you feel pasty, white and cracked it may be a digestive or liver problem. Although we do not pay too much attention, this muscular organ is a thermometer of our state of health; in fact, some doctors diagnose different affections observing the state of our tongue. In most cases, having white and cracked tongue corresponds to a digestive or immune problem, but it is advisable to know what causes it and what its solutions are.

Causes of white tongue

Usually the white and cracked tongue responds to digestive problems, but it is advisable to pay attention to this coloration may be due to other problems such as: anemia, irritation of the gums, halitosis, smoking and alcohol consumption, dehydration. These causes are due to the accumulation of bacteria in our tongue. Another cause that can motivate the white color of the tongue is called oral candidiasis, caused by a fungus called candida. In this case, in addition to the white tongue, sores in the mouth, burning sensation and swallowing problems usually appear.

White tongue: Home Remedies

In terms of remedies to prevent white tongue, the first thing is to ensure the oral hygiene with a good brushing not only teeth, you also have to brush the tongue at least three times a day, if you want you can accompany it with a mouthwash. Some of the most effective home remedies to treat white tongue problems are: drink a glass of lemon juice on an empty stomach to cleanse our body, raise fruit consumption with vitamin C to purify toxins, consume yogurt every day fermented white to maintain our bacterial balance, consume raw vegetables to keep our organism healthy and purified.

Cracked tongue: Home remedies

If your tongue is cracked in the central zone may be due to a deficit of some nutrient, try not to mix the foods, if you mix hydrates with proteins, for example, and slow down the digestion since each has a different metabolizing time, thus prevent digestive problems. If, on the other hand, you have small cracks located all over your tongue, your body may not be absorbing vitamins well, and you will eat foods rich in vitamins. In herbalists you will find natural herbs that help prevent bad breath when the tongue changes color.

Treatments for the white tongue

If the whitish color of the tongue does not disappear, it is advisable to consult your doctor as it may be due to another cause. It is recommended that you make periodic visits to the dentist, prevention is essential, and remember oral hygiene is paramount, do not forget to brush your tongue and accompany the process with a good mouthwash.