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White spots on nails: What they are and how to remove them

Watch your nails; do you have small white spots? They form in the root of the nail and go forward to the end of the finger. What do you need? The spots on the nails are not a sign we should underestimate because, although in some cases may be due to a small blow, which even we noticed, may also indicate that something is wrong. Thus, for example, white spots on the nails can be a sign of zinc deficiency.

white spots on nails

White spots: Why they appear

The appearance of white spots on the nails is called in medical terms, leukonychia. Formed in the matrix, the same place where the nail cells are created. A small blow to the nail may lead to its appearance, but also be a symptom of hereditary syndromes, psoriasis, peptic ulcer, ulcerative colitis or nephritis.

White spots on fingernails can reveal a nutritional deficiency. Traditionally been attributed to the lack of calcium, but it is actually the lack of zinc which favors the appearance of these peculiar spots. To combat this lack is important to include foods rich in nutrients that promote the growth of healthy nails, fighting their weakness and fragility. A diet low in other nutrients involved in the formation and development of the nails – vitamin A, B6, iron – not directly cause stains, but make them more fragile, so it will be more vulnerable to any small trauma or stroke.

Lack of iron – iron deficiency anemia – can also be reflected in nails… In this case, there is what is called koilonychia, when the nail is in the form of spoon.

White spots on nails: How to remove

What foods can help to remove white spots on your nails? Here are some of the foods included in the diet and can help:

Nuts: Nuts, encourage a healthy choice for your dishes. Pipas, pistachio and sesame seeds are the richest in zinc, as well as foods made from whole grains (bread, rice or integral pasta, muesli for breakfast).

Wheat germ: It is a good dietary supplement that provides zinc. It can be taken alone (1-2 tablespoons daily) or with water, juice, tea. You can also add it to the salad recipes.

Mussels and Horse meat: Two of foods containing more zinc.

We must pay attention to the nails of the hands, as we have seen, not only for aesthetic reasons but for health. Nails, along with hands, are one of the most visible parts of our body, so it should not hard forgive it due consideration. And, above all, should not be underestimated the appearance of spots or changes in the shape of the nails.