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    Falls and faints: what is behind it?

    There are sudden drops but not as harmless as it might seem. By chance, in health, does not exist, so should not underestimate the falls and faints, as behind may ...

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    Fainting: Symptoms and Causes

    Although in the majority of cases, we should not underestimate it because its can also alert us to some more severe health problems. Fainting involves a temporary loss of consciousness. Low ...

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    Excessive saliva in adults: Causes and remedies to treat

    Why excessive salivation occurs? There are several causes and remedies to treat a problem that, among others, can be uncomfortable and inconvenient as it can cause difficulty in speaking and ...

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    Nervous cough: symptoms and effective remedies

    The nervous cough usually has its origin in situations of tension and anxiety. A dry cough, very annoying and can affect both adults and children. What are your symptoms? And ...

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    How to know if you have a tumor: signals

    Answering this question is not easy because, although there are some symptoms that may be considered unequivocal signs of a tumor, are also similar to those of other diseases. That ...

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    Stomach flu: symptoms, duration and most appropriate diet

    The stomach flu is often confused with gastroenteritis, which appears by inflammation of the stomach and intestines caused by a virus. However, the stomach flu has its peculiarities. Let's see, ...

06 Oct

Plants that improve health

The herbs (phytotherapy) provide an excellent help to combat health problems as common as headaches, fluid retention, insomnia, anxiety or cholesterol. In addition, some health ...
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