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10 consequences of stress: One by one

Apathy, sadness, irritability … are some of the symptoms that accompany stress, but do we know what are the consequences of not confront? And it is that stress can be a declared enemy of our health.

consequences of stress

Stress can have serious consequences for health. In fact, stress is a problem that should not be underestimated, as it can be a bad ally of our being. If levels of anxiety and tension are not kept under control, lead a series of side effects of consequences, sometimes even worse than the stress itself.

The stress, in addition to containing health hazards, we are exhausted. Sometimes the fatigue appears when we have no habits of healthy living (diet, exercise …) and, of course, stress, one of the main triggers. Our body can not respond to the pace that we impose and logically complain. But it is not the only setback for our health, as we will see below. These are the 10 consequences of stress:

Ongoing fatigue: A fatigue that does not go away. After the adrenaline rush, the downturn will come, and with it, the feeling of exhaustion.

Problems with libido: Stress influences emotions and in stressful situations, can influence the work and personal life. Thus, for example, stress can undermine the desire (loss of libido), negatively affecting the relationship.

Digestive problems: Stress, emotional stress, can also affect the digestive system. For example, stress can cause digestive problems, stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, gastritis or heartburn. Another problem is that stress can lead us to worse eating or eat less healthy food (more rich in sugars, fats …).

Skin imperfections: Stress is not good for the skin, affecting its pitch (a dull complexion) and being a triggering factor of premature development of imperfections in the skin (wrinkles, acne …).

Memory loss: There is no worse enemy for memory that an overload of stress. Subject to the brain for too long to excessive stress or anxiety can cause it to crash, so some functions may be affected, such as memory.

Weight gain: As noted above, the stress will do not pay due attention to healthy habits at mealtime. If we add a sedentary life, the result is a safe weight gain.

Insomnia: Worry, stress and anxiety take our dream. And sleep is essential to recover. To suffer stress, we slept badly, so we get up tired and without having recovered.

Hair loss: Hair health also affected by stress. The tensions and worries weaken the hair. The most obvious symptom is loss of brightness.

Back pain: Collect tension is bad for health in general and in particular for the back. In fact, emotional stress can be made visible with muscle problems.

Headache: One of the most common consequences of stress is the headache. In fact, stress, and poor sleep can cause headaches even when we wake up.