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10 reasons to prefer small breasts

Having the much larger breast is much more than a cosmetic issue. And, whatever its say, the breast augmentation is not always synonymous with benefits. In fact, we will see a list of good reasons to prefer having small breasts. True, in terms of measures, a large chest can attract more eyes, but there are other arguments that tip the balance towards a smaller chest.

prefer small breasts

Advantages of having small breasts

Large breasts may be uncomfortable: The back is the first affected, especially in larger sizes, causing a curvature of the body that may be unappealing. Logically, it can also be uncomfortable when doing any physical activity.

The neckline captures attention too: The cleavage or chest cleavage can arouse too much attention among men and even envy among other women. Without neglecting large chest is, most often, object of jokes, inappropriate jokes and questions out of place.

Dresses with v-neck on the back, best with small chest: Wear a low-cut design always looks back over a small chest, it presupposes the absence of bra, difficult when the chest needs a steady and safe support.

Wear shirts: A basic garment that, with big breast, it is much difficult to get along without risks, such as inappropriate button which it unzips at the most unexpected moments, in a job interview, at a school meeting or in the supermarket. Compliments, right now, are welcome but are sharp.

Forbidden to wear long necklaces with big breast: Long necklaces finest multicolored or not going at all well with big breast, especially by the continuous pounding. it can also be uncomfortable when slip at the neckline.

Less options in bras design: The more bra size, harder to find latest trend designs. In general, large distribution chains offer many more models for the most common sizes of chest, leaving aside the needs of the large chest.

Physical activity becomes exhausting: The generous chest makes it difficult to carry out any physical activity, especially when it comes to certain movements such as running or do pushups.

More discomfort in pregnancy: Pregnancy-specific changes, and the increase of the volume of the breast, are less bearable when you have a large chest. Something similar happens during lactation, more risks of stretch marks, cracks and loss of tightness and firmness.

Beware the dress you choose: A large chest can lose more easily, the elegance of a dress. The discreet charm of small breast woman is best complements with any design.

Too many eyes on the beach: More than flattery, excess prying eyes can become an annoyance and concern. To enjoy the sun without problems, better to have small breasts.