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10 ways to lose weight sitting

Spending too much time sitting, especially in front of the computer, no longer serves as an excuse to take care of the weight. If the chair is your companion every day, and across the computer screen, taking note of these simple tips that will help you monitor your ideal weight even when sitting. Although it may seem incredible, a few minutes a day will be enough to relax and at the same time, to get to be in top form. Take note not to get carried away and maintain your ideal weight.

lose weight sitting

Change the office chair

Having a proper chair if you spend much time at the office is essential, especially for reasons of health, to prevent back injuries, for example. An ergonomic chair that should be replaced, one hour a day, by the stability ball or pilates ball.

Keep the temperature low

You should want to avoid high temperatures in the workplace. In fact, it is best to maintain a low temperature in the office room. A lower temperature helps the body burn more calories to maintain optimal body temperature.

Drink more water

The water, besides not having calories, it is essential to keep the body hydrated and flush out toxins. Increasing water intake also helps to maintain controlled appetite, because it reduces the feeling of hunger. Drink more water per day if you want to lose weight.

Have a cup of coffee

The coffee, among other benefits, increases the level of concentration and activates the metabolism. Of course, take caffeine in moderation as it is also exciting. If you’re on a diet, or you want to maintain your weight, care to sweeten the drink too. Best cinnamon or a little honey.

Laugh much

Laughter is good for the heart and even to maintain active metabolism. If you look after your diet to intensify the benefits do not forget to laugh more often. A good laugh with friends is the best way to stay fit, both physically and mentally.


The music relaxes, encourages and helps you lose weight. Dancing is a very complete exercise and slimming. If you spend much time at work, spend five minutes to relax, put on headphones and choose your favorite song to dance a few steps.

Beware of appetizers

It is better to opt for a healthy snack and low calorie snacks between meals can wreck with the diet and increase the calories consumed. Beware the office vending machine because it offers may have many calories.

Eat less but more often

No skipping meals are essential to control appetite and eating a balanced diet, the best way to care for weight and health. Try to not go without eating more than 3-4 hours, so that our metabolism to stay active and burn more calories throughout the day.

Accept the challenges at work

A little stress can be even motivator to get things right. To avoid monotony, and improve concentration, it is best to accept the new challenges arising in the labor field. And you did not know, a little stress can make us to burn up to 300 calories.

Exercise while sitting

In addition to the advice we have seen, sitting is no excuse not to move. A very simple exercise is to lift water bottles with the legs, simply bending and pushing up. Spend a few minutes a day to stay in shape.