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How to combat heat with proper hydration

When the temperature rises, our body needs more fluid (mainly water) to maintain balanced water level. In short, to avoid dehydration. We do not usually pay attention to proper hydration, when in fact essential to our health and wellbeing, especially in the warmer months.

proper hydration

The water plays a vital role; so much so that losing only 1-2% of water from our body can cause headaches and affect cognitive abilities. In summer the need of drinking increases the sweating, it is advisable to review the diet to give greater prominence to fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables. Orange and red fruits are especially rich in carotenoids, pigments that help protect the skin from the sun rays. Let’s see the key to proper hydration in summer.

Drink lots of water

We must take at least one and a half liters of water per day, especially between meals to facilitate absorption of minerals. Not all waters are the same, changing its composition in function of the source and the treatment which it has been undergone. Most are rich in magnesium, potassium, calcium.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

The fruits and vegetables are essential for taking care of health and diet, and is especially recommended to increase its presence during the summer, as most have a high water content. It is best to take them to the natural or mixed into milkshakes and homemade juices.

Fresh and light dishes

The summer diet should be prevail fresh and light meals, avoiding foods high in fat and calories. Nutritionists advise taking fish, white meat, juices, fruit, vegetables, yogurt and milkshakes. In summer our body asks us lighter foods.