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4 myths about menstruation

False beliefs, many of them already banished, and others are raising questions. The menstruation is a subject that has not always spoken out, which has unfortunately are many myths that have obscured the truth. Surely you’ve ever heard that women with menstruation, for example, must not shave or dye their hair. It is just one example, but there are more. Discover the 4 most prominent false myths about the menstruation.

myths about menstruation

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Avoid bathing or showering

As wrong as unsanitary. In fact, it is one of the moments of the month that more attention must be paid to personal hygiene. It is also banished the myth that not swim in the pool or on the beach under the argument that the cold water stops the blood flow cycle. It is simply a physiological effect, due to the narrowing of blood vessels by the drop in temperature, but without risks.

Increase hair growth

Another unrealistic belief. During the menstrual cycle it is true that the hormones are temporarily at rest and therefore do not stimulate hair growth. In fact, not only it does not increase growth, but rather slows down during these days. Some women choose to shave during the days of menstruation because it ensures a smooth skin for longer.

Parsley, would an ally?

It is one of the most commonly used in the kitchen seasonings to flavor many dishes, but at all it exerts no effect in particular on menstruation. In fact, parsley is a condiment which should be used sparingly, since in large quantities can be toxic. Some old traditions ensured that could mitigate the pain of the menstruation, a myth that has been shown uncertain.

Prohibited the hair to be dyed

A belief in some way related to the myth, and banished, that should not bathe or wash your hair during menstruation. Wrong, because it is not that the woman stop by her personal care. The popular belief says that these days the hair does not take the dye well, something that is unfounded and scientific basis, as the effect of the dye does not depend on the period of the month in which the woman is.