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5 curious effects of vegetables in the body

Behind of their healthy properties are hidden some curious effects of vegetables in the organism, unknown in some cases but that reveal the power contained in some food. These are what we could call the other side effects of vegetables.

side effects of vegetables

Did you know that some vegetables can, for example, change the color of the skin or the color of the urine? Let discover what the vegetables are that cause the most amazing effects in the body.

Carrot changes the color of the skin

The carrot changes the color of the skin by tanning it naturally. This is thanks to its content of carotenoids, organic pigments that protect the skin from sunburn and help enhance your natural tone. The carrot brings numerous benefits to health, however, eating carrots in excess can make the skin acquires a tone of orange color and it is known as carotenemia. In the majority of cases it is sufficient to stop eating foods rich in carotenes.

Beets change the color of urine

If the urine turns red, the cause may be beet consumption, which is known as beeturia, caused by the content of this vegetable in betalains. To accumulate in the body, they are expelled by urine or faeces, which may turn reddish color.

Asparagus change the smell of urine

The methanethiol that released by the body to digest asparagus is the cause of the change in the smell of urine. It is a sulfurized amino acid that has a smell similar to that of rotten cabbage that is expelled through the urine.

Pumpkin is irritating

Contact with pumpkin can cause (Cucurbita moschata) dermatitis, a type of allergy that generates dryness and roughness of the skin. The cause is pumpkin sap which can have an irritating effect. Squash pipes can produce the same effect. To avoid this, use gloves when cutting vegetables and use creams with cortisone if symptoms appear.

Tomatoes cause nausea

Two effects can cause characteristic red tomatoes. On the one hand, because of its lycopene content, the skin can become orange-reddish if tomatoes are taken in excess (approximately 2 liters of tomato juice a day). Excessive consumption of tomatoes can also cause an overdose of vitamin C, causing nausea.