Health Disorder

5 tips to stop being a hypochondriac

The hypochondria can be defined as a mental disorder in which the person believes, in an erroneous and unfounded way, suffering from a health problem. The fear of getting sick, the fear of pain, can cause the hypochondriac is trouble thinking of having a disease that does not really suffer.


The minimum symptom or sign of discomfort (from a spot on the skin to a faster heartbeat) can trigger fear and associate it with any severe disorder, because the hypochondriac tends to get in the worst of situations. In other words, any sign that can alter your state of health is associated with worry, anguish and anxiety. The hypochondriac person really feels the symptoms that described, although these do not have a physiological origin but psychic. What to do to deal with hypochondria?

Learn relaxation techniques

To go for a walk, listen to music, read a book or hanging out with friends. It all helps to forget the worries and, above all, to open the mind and relax. It also helps to learn some simple relaxation exercises to perform at the end of the day.

Find other topics of conversation

The hypochondriac person lives so aware of his state of health that this ends up becoming virtually his only topic of conversation. This happen invoice on an emotional level, so one of the first steps will stop talking about diseases because this will only increase anxiety.

Learn to be optimistic

So in terms of psychology known as cognitive restructuring techniques and that basically consist in modify the point of attention to a signal or body sensation. So, instead of associating inevitably to something negative, why not make it healthy and positive body sensations? In this sense, psychological therapy can help a lot.

Avoid seek answers on the internet

The diagnosis of any health problem should be performed by the doctor, so forget about supplanting and select the information that you’ve found on the net and that, curiously, adapts to the symptoms that you think to feel. It is not suitable to perform medical tests frequently claiming to suffer symptoms that, in reality, do not respond to physical problems. Don’t forget that, the same stress that produces the fear to get sick is that may be having symptoms, thus entering a vicious circle of discomfort and anxiety.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

Adopt a series of healthy habits will help us better control negative thoughts about our health. From follow a healthy and varied physical exercise on a regular diet. Learning to look after will do that we feel better at physical and emotional level.