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5 reasons why you cannot stop eating

Why I cannot stop eating? If you’ve recently made question more often than you should maybe is available during limited hours reviewing some everyday habits. Habits such as the sleep, which are not always paying due attention. When hunger assails us at any time the trend usually opt for more caloric foods. The appetite between meals can derail the diet. To regain control of your weight and your diet, take a look at 5 reasons why possibly you cannot stop eating.

cannot stop eating

Poor sleep

The sleep is restful and also affects numerous body processes, including metabolism. Poor sleep or sleeping less than those recommended not only will make us feel tired the next day, but increases the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for opening the appetite.

Forget proteins at breakfast

The breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, it is advisable to dedicate at least 20 minutes. A breakfast should be complete, and that includes proteins, because that way we will better control the appetite between meals.

Schedules of irregular meals

As it is necessary to do 5 meals a day, without skipping any, we must also follow a regular schedule. Otherwise, metabolism becomes imbalanced and it will be more difficult to appease the appetite between meals.

Drink only when you are thirsty

Caring for the hydration is as important as caring food. In fact, it is not necessary to drink only when we are thirsty, which can be confused with hunger. Before opening the fridge, drink a glass of water and think about if you want to eat an apple. If the answer is yes, hunger is real.

Eat unconsciously

As you have to pay attention to the choice of food, a balanced diet requires sitting at the table and focus on what we are eating. The rush, stress, emotional anxiety, make us eat without being aware of what we are eating, what difficulty the feeling of satiety.