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6 habits that damage the health of the eyes

Not always pay enough attention, at least until the first problems do not appear. This explains that, without realizing it, reiterate gestures or habits that can harm the health of the eyes. We reveal the most common and should be corrected.

damage eye health

As important as the health of the rest of our body is the eye health. Play a key role, however, not always pays them any attention. Doing so is a basic form of prevention of some of the most common eye disorders. Some of them as a consequence of other pathologies, since it is the case of the glaucoma derived from the diabetes. In the case of children, the lazy eye or amblyopia is one of the most common disorders.

Damage the health of the eyes

To avoid damaging the health of the eyes, causing more severe injuries, from mild discomfort should review some of the more everyday habits which, unknowingly, may be putting at risk. The eye health care implies it’s day to day. Let’s see then what are the 6 habits or mistakes that harm eye health.

Snuff smoke and other pollutants products: toxic exposure from tobacco smoke (in the case of active and passive smoking) to industrial, agricultural and domestic use which may be contaminants. Exposure to these toxins can lead to dryness and redness. The wind and exposure to sunlight can also damage the eyes. In these cases, apply eye drops is the most common treatment, to which must be added other gestures like wearing sunglasses to avoid the risk of dry eye and contact with toxic. If there was contact, it is best to wash your eyes and face with water. If irritation or redness are not reduced, see a doctor.

Do not blink: Especially when we find ourselves in a very dry environment, which can cause eye dryness. This is, according to medical data, one of the most common problems – 3 of every 10 adults suffer from it – especially among women over 55. The low humidity in the environment, spend too many hours at the computer or using conditioning can also lead to the occurrence of these problems. It is best to blink naturally, to keep the moisture of the eye, and use humidifiers in certain areas.

Contact lenses, better aesthetic complement: The contact lenses, among other recommendations, must not be used at night. Must be changed and cleaned according to the instructions of the product. Abusing contact lenses can cause serious eye injuries.

Use cosmetic lenses without caution: The cosmetic lenses do not correct vision defects or problems, simply used for aesthetic reason. However, it is important to take precautions like not wearing them too many hours in a row and, above all, not exchange them with other people. Similarly be cleaned thoroughly before reuse them to avoid eye infections such as keratitis or bacterial conjunctivitis.

Beware of the eye makeup: Not only because in some cases can cause allergy, but because if they are of uncertain origin – purchased online or directly on a trip – and have not passed the necessary quality controls can be a vehicle for possible infections.

Exposed to the sun without protection: Wear sunglasses is just as important as applying the protector suitable for the skin. If we do not run the risk of conjunctivitis – in particular, the so-called actinic conjunctivitis is caused by a prolonged exposure to sunlight. The risk is not only on the beach, even in the snow or in very bright environments. This can lead to pain, photophobia or difficulties to open eyelids.

And one last advice, but not less important. In the virtual era, we spent too much time in front of a screen, whether computer, mobile phone or tablet. This exposes us to suffer eye problems and problems arising from poor body posture, both hands and back. To do this, always use a lectern positioned lower than your eyes and keep your head and neck in a comfortable position. Every half hour – and during 5 minutes – to let rest the eyes. And do not forget to blink.