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Natural antibiotics: what are they?

Natural antibiotics are extraordinarily helpful for our health, especially for the protection of our immune system. Do you know what natural antibiotics are and what they can do for your well-being? We have it.

natural antibiotics

Natural substances help the body and are able to increase the defenses. The propolis, the grapefruit seed extract or tea tree oil is three examples of natural antibiotics. Propolis is appreciated for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects and is particularly useful in the prevention and relief of symptoms of colds. Let’s see more closely what are the substances that make up the list of natural antibiotics and you can rely on more than one occasion.

Natural antibiotic: Propolis
The propolis can help alleviate common colds, the sore throat and even the toothache. It has healing properties and is able to stimulate the body’s immune resources. At low doses, propolis can block bacteria and in higher doses, get killed. Propolis also a natural antibiotic against colds and flu is an antioxidant unique to combat the effects of the effects of free radicals.

Natural antibiotic: grapefruit seed extract
Inside the home medicine cabinet, leaves room for a natural antibiotic such as grapefruit seed extract, capable of blocking a legion of bacteria. This extract was therefore used to relieve symptoms of the flu, and gastrointestinal infections and some fungal infections, especially when these conditions are caused by a weakened immune system. We can find the grapefruit seed extract in the form of supplements.

Natural antibiotic: tea tree oil
The tea tree oil is an essential oil, among whose properties is credited to be a very effective antibacterial, in addition to antiviral and antifungal. It is especially recommended to treat problems of skin irritation, such as burns, as well as for gingivitis, the herpes and insect bites.

Natural antibiotic: Garlic
Garlic, for its properties, has also earned be on the list of effective natural antibiotics. Input, it is rich in minerals and vitamins (A, B1, B2 and C), and can be considered a bactericidal agent and antiseptic. The garlic helps to clear the blood.

Natural antibiotic: honey
The honey, the nectar of bees, is one of the natural remedies that we always have on hand for its extraordinary healing properties. Input, honey is an excellent cough suppressant, as annoying as irritating. It has effects antibiotics and supports a topical skin. We should not be overlooked its anti-inflammatory properties, so it is also a good remedy for insect bites. In addition, in this case it is a good remedy to administer to children. And last but not least important, honey is rich in polyphenols and, therefore, acts against the effects of the effects of free radicals.

Natural antibiotic: Colloidal Silver
Although less known, colloidal silver is a good ally of both health and beauty. This substance is valued for its regenerative effects on the skin, acting as an antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. Formerly used for gargling, douching, and to disinfect the skin in case of wounds and burns.

Natural antibiotic: lemon
Lemon also has some interesting properties that make it a good natural antibiotic. Specifically, it can be used to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis, mixed with an herbal tea with garlic. It is effective against germs and helps to reduce fever.