Aerobox: Energy to get fit

It helps you lose weight, to relieve stress and gives you flexibility, muscle strength and an extra dose of energy to get fit. It is aerobox, a discipline that keeps adding adept and combines the benefits of aerobics combined with boxing exercises.


Not only helps you tone and burn more calories, but it is the best way to work every muscle in the body. If you’re willing to sculpt your figure, to remove fat and kilos over and above all, to get fit, do not hesitate to join a aerobox session and discover all that physical exercise can help you burn.

The aerobox is one of the new disciplines that can help us keep fit. Its secret lays in duplicate benefits by combining several disciplines, in this case the aerobics and boxing, a sport that has increasingly more adept. If you want to shape your figure, working all your muscle groups and lose the extra kilos, nothing like a aerobox session to the rhythm of the music. In addition, the aerobox not only can practice it in the gym, also at home, following a simple exercise routine and once you have become familiar with the technique.

The aerobox joins other forms of exercises that offer the possibility of putting us in the form of a different way and fun, even with faster results. Thus, cardio kickboxing, the spinning or dancing are also an original way to make the most of physical exercise.

And is that going to the gym and use the apparatus may be a bit monotonous, so our time to encourage physical activity we can opt for a modality as the aerobox, considered one of the most energetic disciplines and helps burn more calories. In fact, one of the boxing exercises themselves as jumping rope is one of the best allies to win the game on the scale and burn what is left. Did you know that in aerobox session can burn up to 800 calories?

And has more advantages because the aerobox is considered one of the best exercises to download stress and release tension. Exercise is one of the healthier habits. To take advantage of these benefits, it is best practice that discipline in which we feel more comfortable and, above all, to help us achieve our goals of being in great shape.

Aerobox exercises

Before start aerobox, you must perform a proper warm (between five and ten minutes) to prevent possible injury. The working session lasts about thirty minutes, in which times; varying in intensity and pace, work your legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen.

To complete the session, around ten minutes of stretching exercises to improve flexibility and above all, to avoid injury after physical exertion. It is recommended that if you want to get results, practice this discipline three times a week, and as well as stretch properly – increasing water intake – before, during and after exercise.