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Alternative therapies to overcome depression

We do not stop looking for the best treatments for depression because we are convinced that we can do much more than to resign ourselves to take antidepressants for a long time and wait for the sadness to disappear.

We will be an active part in our treatment of depression and for that we have sought the best alternative therapies.

combat depression

That we rely on alternative therapies, homeopathy or phytotherapy, among other techniques, does not mean that we renounce medicine. We consider necessary the pharmacological treatment with antidepressants to overcome the depression, in spite of its side effects, as well as the psychotherapy. But we want something more and that is why we will turn into to alternative therapies.

Alternative therapies that best combat depression

For all those people who rely on the healing power of plants and the benefits of nature, phytotherapy is presented as a very valid option to improve mood. St. John’s Wort, Passionflower or Ginger directly influence our emotional balance by reinforcing it and enhancing the positive attitude.

To be relaxed and calm is what more is convenient for us to overcome a depression in which anxiety, stress and anxiety play a fundamental role. Techniques such as meditation, breathing exercises or even yoga can help us regain peace and see life from another perspective.

Massages seem to be very effective for the treatment of depression. We can choose Reiki to discover a new dimension of well-being or focus on specific symptoms of depression and combat them with reflexology or also with acupuncture.

One of the therapies that attract us most is aromatherapy. The power of essential oils is not only used to achieve a pleasant and welcoming environment, but also to activate brain functions, feel more cheerful, more optimistic or more relaxed, depending on what we need.

Although there is a therapy that is gaining followers, not only to treat depression, and that is also highly recommended at any time in our lives is laughter therapy. A technique that helps us deal with life with a sense of humor and be able to laugh at ourselves, a firm basis to keep the depression away. You can consider gestalt therapy also for treat depression….

There are also present some online therapy where you can take treatment from home. For this e-counseling is the best option for people who want to overcome the depression. People who are so busy and don’t have time to go to doctor, online therapy is the best option for them.

And we cannot forget something that is not considered therapy, but rather a way of life, such as Feng Shui, that can improve our emotional balance by paying a little attention to the energy that flows in our home or at work. Although there is something that should not be missing to accompany any treatment of depression is the physical exercise. We move.