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One week late period: Possible Causes

A delay of the period is not strange, in fact, all women, at some point in their fertile age, have had them. But what are their possible causes when menstruation is delayed for a week? Let’s look at it more closely and try to resolve some doubts.

late period

Causes of late period

Several causes can lead to delayed menstruation, even in more regular women. In most cases, it is due to minor alterations or transient factors, such as a situation of special stress or an emotionally difficult period. Of course, one of the reasons for delayed menstruation is pregnancy. In fact, if there is a possibility of being, it will be one of the first causes in which women are thought to be. If we believe that we can be pregnant, to solve doubts, in this case, it is best to take a pregnancy test or consult the doctor.

The delay of the period is also normal after the menarche, a medical term with which is denominated the first menstruation of the woman. In the beginning of the fertile age, it is normal that the menstrual cycle is not yet adjusted, so that delays may occur.

Let’s take a closer look at all possible causes of delayed menstruation.

Delay of the period: pregnancy

As we pointed out earlier, one of the most characteristic symptoms of pregnancy is delayed menstruation. Every woman knows or should know, the rhythms of her body, so if we have a practically regular cycle, we can suspect a pregnant woman if menstruation is delayed for only one week. More difficult is for women who have an irregular menstrual cycle because in this case, you will probably have to wait a little longer until you realize that the signals that your body is sending you to respond a pregnancy.

It may be the case in women who wish to become mothers, the symptoms can be confused.

Delayed period: Thyroid disorder

The thyroid disorders, the endocrine gland which is located in the neck area, either hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, can cause delays of menstruation. There may even be a condition called oligomenorrhea, a symptom of reduced ovarian activity. It is a disorder that can be treated thanks to hormonal treatments and to which special attention should be paid to avoid jeopardizing fertility.

Delayed period: Weight Loss and Eating Disorders

The sharp fluctuations in weight, the crash diets and eating disorders – such as anorexia and bulimia – can affect the menstrual cycle, causing delays that sometimes can become severe and cause amenorrhea or complete cessation. It is therefore very important to follow the advice of a nutritionist or dietitian if you want to start a diet to lose weight since in addition to helping us to lose weight must be healthy and provide the appropriate calorie requirement not to put in ovarian activity risk, that is to say, the fertility.

Delay of the period: stop taking the contraceptive pill

The delay of the period can occur when you stop taking the contraceptive pill. In fact, when the ovaries are left in bed for a long time – often years, in which the woman takes the pill – then they need some time to regain their rhythm, so to speak. However, you must be careful, because even if there are delays the possibilities of pregnancy are still there.

Delayed period: Other causes

Occasionally, the delay of the period occurs after the summer. It is a phenomenon that many women know but does not have a specific origin, except a small disturbance of the cycle that may be linked to the change of season. Actually, nothing to worry about.

Do not overlook menstrual delays related directly to emotions. Personal stories, moments of emotional stress or difficult situations, can affect the regularity of the cycle, alter it after intense emotion. If the delay persists in the following cycles consult the gynecologist.