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Are tens units safe during pregnancy?

TENS unit helps in the significant reduction of pain, inflammation from specific regions of the body and enhances mobility. The mechanism of TENS unit was previously used only by medical professionals, but now it is also used in homes. Being smaller in size, TENS units are highly portable. Pain is treated through electric stimulation, and it decreases one’s dependence over expensive and addicting pain narcotics.

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Nowadays, TENS units are also used by pregnant ladies to relieve labor pain. It is a drug-free method of ridding pain and is thought to be safe for baby and the mother if used as per the directions. The device sends electronic pulses of low frequency through the skin to block painful signals to be sent to the brain.

It stimulates the secretion of endorphin, a pain killing hormone. For pregnant ladies, pulses of TENS unit inhibit pain messages coming from cervix and womb, thereby helping to relieve pain. With the aid of wires and electrodes, electrical pulses are sent to specific areas of the body.

How to use TENS unit on a pregnant woman?

Two pads of TENS unit are placed below the line of inner wear and two just below the uterus region. The lady uses the TENS unit to deliver gentle electric currents that travel to electrodes’ location. The strength and rate of electric impulses may be controlled by a woman as per the intensity of pain.

The machine has two currents for childbirth process. During contractions stronger current is used, and lighter one is used in between contractions. On setting the TENS machine to a higher pulse rate the pain doorway closes.

This restricts the pain signal to reach the brain. Body produces endorphins perfectly on time to take away the labor pain. TENS unit is the most effective way of relieving oneself from labour pain as there is an early built up of endorphins.

With the attainment of appropriate current strength, pregnant ladies get an immediate benefit. Longer you take to employ TENS, lesser efficient will be the simulator.

Are tens units safe during pregnancy?

The user can control electronic impulse, and they are portable devices. Several mothers are uncomfortable with pain relief medication during labor as these cause immense drowsiness, restricting them to nurse the child for several hours after birth.

With TENS, there is no need to worry about anything. It can be used safely as there are no side effects. Some ladies report about unpleasant feeling like sensation of pins and needles. But then, the tingling sensation is not painful.

What are the factors to be kept in mind before using tens?

You can use TENS unit only from 37th week of pregnancy. Do not use it under shower or while driving. Pregnant mothers with heart ailment, pacemaker or having epilepsy must consult the doctor. Do not place the electrodes over the abdomen.

If you are about to have labour, use the TENS machines 45 minutes prior to induction. Check in the hospital, whether it has TENS unit or not. Otherwise, it can also be rented from somewhere.

TENS unit is the best alternative to get rid of the uncomfortable pain suffered during childbirth. It is a natural way to alleviate pain.