Skin Disease

Bedsores: Prevention and Remedies

The bedsores, also called pressure ulcers appear in specific areas of skin in those people who, for various health reasons, required to be for a long time in bed rest. It can also occur in people whose mobility difficulties force them to go in a wheelchair. The ulceration of the skin should not be underestimated because it is a problem that can affect the skin, the muscles and bones, so it should be consulted as soon as possible with your doctor.


The pressure exerted by the weight of the body prevents the blood properly oxygenate the tissues, which causes the skin to suffer, appearing an ever deeper injury, which can involve the underlying muscles and bones. The prevention, in this case, also plays an important role. Let’s look more closely, some tips to prevent the appearance of bedsores, as well as some remedies that may be useful for us.

In the initial phase, the most common injury symptoms are redness, swelling and itching. In a second phase, the injury evolves towards an abrasion, and in a third phase, to be deeper, can affect the subcutaneous tissue. In an advanced stage, the injury can affect the muscles, tendons and joints.


There is a close relationship between the position taken by the person suffering from pressure ulcers and parts of the body where these are formed. As a first step to prevention is important to change position frequently (at least every two hours for those who are in bed, and every 15 minutes for the person who will be in wheelchair). As preventive measures, it is also important to have a proper mattress and use pillows and cushions to move frequently.

The personal hygiene plays an important role to maintain the pH of the skin (pH 5.5). The excessive acidity can damage the hydrolipidic film, while excessive alkalinity may favor the spread of bacteria.


The remedies for treating pressure ulcers require a multidisciplinary approach. First, it is advisable to wash the wound with saline solution. To avoid the risk of infection, the wound should be kept clean. Cleaning with disinfectants should be limited to injuries that are infected, avoid applying powder products because of their tendency to form scabs that may favor the development of other infections.

To relieve the pressure that has caused the appearance of ulcers, as we noted earlier, we must often change position. It is also important to review the daily diet. Experts advise to take an adequate amount of protein and micronutrients that contain vitamin A, C and zinc. An increase in protein-rich foods is essential when ulcers extend and lose fluids.