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Fight the Symptoms of Aging Using Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

We spend our younger years wishing we were older – we want to be allowed to drive, then leave home, get a good job, explore the world – until we discovered adulthood had more responsibility than we realized. Then we fall into a comfortable rhythm, until one day we look into the mirror. At that point, we may just ask ‘How did that happen?’

bioidentical hormone treatment

Aging is not an easy event. It can be stressful, sudden, and sometimes even downright uncomfortable. Everyone dreads the stereotypical achy knees, the weak back, and the declining eyesight. Decreased libido, mood swings – hot flashes for the ladies, come along with a host of other unpleasant symptoms. For years, bioidentical hormone therapy has been studied and perfected and now we can help fight all of those pesky symptoms of aging!

For Men

Some symptoms of aging may be related to things we can’t control – for instance, if you did a lot of damaging stunts in your younger years, you may always have to deal with some extra popping and grinding in those joints. But that are so many things that can be changed!

As men age, a big concern that many experience is erectile dysfunction. It is often a source of embarrassment – but it shouldn’t be! By age 50, almost half of the male population will struggle with some degree of Erectile Dysfunction. It is a normal occurrence, often most related to aging. But why is that? What if you could actually reverse it without taking extra prescription medications?

As men age, their testosterone levels will drop. When testosterone levels drop, men can experience mood swings, weight gain, and issues like lowered libido or erectile dysfunction. With testosterone therapy, you don’t have to worry about that.

Physicians will carefully evaluate you to find out exactly what levels of testosterone your body does best with, and help you get that balance back. When you no longer have to worry about your body disagreeing with you, you can take back your life and go on living it! You can keep from gaining too much weight, enjoy feeling energetic, and continue to have a successful sex life. Other benefits include better immune functioning, and so much more!

For Women

Women can struggle a little more with the changes in hormones that can come with age. They can experience a variety of symptoms. They experience so many things throughout their lives that it may not seem like it at first. Women who go through childbirth will endure stretch marks and changes in their skin that may make aging slightly less noticeable – at first.

But aging in women causes a decrease in estrogen – similar to the decrease in testosterone seen in men. With this decrease, women experience a variety of symptoms. They can experience symptoms similar to males, like weight gain, mood swings, decreased libido, and sexual dysfunction. They also experience less visible symptoms, like hot flashes, irregular menses, and skin issues (particularly dry skin).

With bioidentical hormone replacement treatments these symptoms can be decreased or even reversed over time. A fluctuation in Estrogen typically experienced before and during menopause – can be a major cause of all of these symptoms. Instead of needing to create an entire new regimen of pills, lotions, and lifestyle choices, you can simply put your body back into balance.

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, your HRT physician will discover exactly the amount of estrogen that you need to be healthy and happy as part of your menopause treatment plan. In addition, they can discuss with you different methods of estrogen treatment which may help target specific areas. Not only can you look better on the outside, but you can also fell so much better!

In addition, hormonal balances can affect skin tone, skin elasticity, body odor, energy levels, sleep habits, and even the way that we react to everyday. For both men and women, bioidentical hormone therapy helps you avoid or slow the changes that aging and hormone decreases can cause. You can get your body back in one easy sweep – just by taking one simple prescription daily.

Aging is so much more than just the physical changes. We see the changes that happen on the outside, but seeing it on the outside only shows a few of the changes that are actually happening, what really counts as we age is what is happening on the inside. But regardless of the changes on the outside, what really counts is just how well you will feel. When your hormones are out of balance, nothing seems to be quite as simple. Mustering enough energy, maintaining or losing weight – and if something so small can fix it, then why is it something to even think about? See how much better you can feel!