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Beneficial and nutritional properties of eggs

The eggs are food which, until not long ago, we were unaware of their true nutritional potential. And it is that this is a food that brings us interesting health benefits, both egg white and the yolk.

The egg, of entry, contains high-quality protein and rich in essential amino acids that our body is not able to produce and must be obtained through food.

Eggs are rich in nutrients that reported health benefits, such as helping the cardiovascular system, the skeletal system and strengthen hair and nails. It is rich in minerals and vitamins, especially of the group B.

nutritional properties of eggs

Nutritional value of egg white

The egg white, in addition to proteins (ovalbumin, ovoglobulin, ovomucin and lysozyme), contains vitamins (especially group B) and minerals (such as potassium and magnesium). The egg provides energy, being a good food to start the day and take care of diet on breakfast.

Nutritional value of the yolk

The yolk is formed mostly by proteins (especially for alpha and beta-lipovitellin and livetin), fats and phospholipids mono and polyunsaturated. Among the minerals, including calcium, iron and phosphorus.

In addition, the yolk is rich in vitamins B, D and carotenoids. One egg provides 90 kcal.

Protects the cardiovascular system

The egg, due to its content in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat, turns out to be a food suitable to improve the power to protect the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, helping to prevent heart disease.

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Strengthens hair

Its high content of vitamins and proteins, among other nutrients, converted to the egg in an ideal food to strengthen the health of the hair and prevent it from falling.

In addition, these nutrients are also essential to counteract the fragility of the nails.

Increase muscle mass

The egg is a food that is not lacking in the diet of athletes, especially if the goal is to gain muscle mass, thanks to its vitamins and proteins.

Take egg white after practicing physical exercise, for example, it helps strengthen muscles.

Balance the nervous system

Eggs are also rich in choline, an essential compound to balance the nervous system and promote the activity of the brain.

The egg is a food that remains to be discovered many benefits and reasons to be present in a healthy and balanced diet.

Bone Health

There is another reason to include eggs in the diet and there is an excellent source of vitamin D, essential for bone health.

One benefits that can be especially for the advanced age and whose body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of this vitamin.