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Benefits of running in fasting

Running in fasting with reservations of glycogen go down, forcing the body to use fat as an energy source. You have the keys to the practice of physical exercise brings maximum benefits.

running in fasting

When we talk about physical exercise in fasting we refer to which occurs after several hours without taking any food, usually first thing in the morning but in the afternoon, when have time between 5-8 hours since breakfast. Running is precisely one of the most common practices. Among the benefits attributed to us include the speeding up metabolism forcing to use the reserves the previous day and, therefore, promotes fat burning. By favoring the elimination of liquids and fats, run in fasting is beneficial for athletes who want to define the muscles.

Another benefit of running in fasting is that it helps to purge the body of toxins, fats and sugars, expelling them much faster.

However, despite the benefits it is not an exercise that is recommended in all cases and for all people. Do not forget that the practice of sport must be gradual and adapted to our physical condition. Thus, for example, run in fasting can lead to loss of muscle fiber and, if the body is not prepared, increased risk of fainting or hypoglycemia.

When and how to run in fasting
We must not overdo it, therefore it is recommended running, 20 to 45 minutes at a rate of low intensity. Not having eaten food, energy reserves and carbohydrates are lower, so if we overdo physical exercise can suffer fainting or dizziness. At the end, take food and drinks that bring us energy, such as fruit juice or cookies (proteins and carbohydrates). Other recommendations to consider are the start fasting less than 8 hours (in case of beginners), alternate days, have on hand a sports drink or nuts if dizziness or fainting. At the slightest sign that tells us our body, it is necessary to stop.

Run on fasting for weight loss
If you want to lose fat, especially of the most stubborn areas, running on an empty stomach can be a good ally if we are on a diet, yes, always smoothly and no more than 45 minutes a day. Furthermore, this practice should be accompanied by a diet and proper workout plan. That is, not only run in fasting, but it should be part of a combination of diet and exercise.