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Benefits of showers with cold water

Did you know that showering with cold water reports stimulating and interesting health benefits? Discover why should try.

benefits of cold showers

It is possible that a shower of cold water, like that of entry, it could turn out to be slightly tempting, but the truth is that it is one of the habits most recommended by the multiple benefits for health. For example, take cold showers in the morning stimulates the immune system and helps strengthen the defenses. Let’s see, then, some of the reasons why health experts recommend showering with cold water.

Benefits of cold showers

While hot showers are relaxing, the cold water is stimulating and activate blood circulation and is especially recommended for people who suffer from circulation problems, such as swelling, varicose veins or tired legs.

Cold showers are a great way to wake up in the morning and activate the senses, especially the concentration. In addition, it tones the skin, improves the health of hair (leaving it much brighter) and favors the elimination of toxins. One of the less known benefits is that it helps burn fat and therefore to take care of the weight. This is because that, at low temperatures, metabolism is activated to recover the body temperature, which helps burn more calories.

And it does not end here the list of benefits, because cold water also helps to keep the depression away. Upon contact with the cold water, the nervous system is activated and the body reacts by releasing norepinephrine (neurotransmitter that influences the motivation) and thus reducing anxiety levels.

The cold water also stimulates the respiratory system. In contact with cold water heartbeat accelerates and on having exhaled with more force, the lungs are opened, which oxygenates the body and bring more energy. If you practice sport regularly, a cold shower at the end reduce certain discomfort such as pain or soreness, and helps improve performance, as it found in several studies.


Only in some cases showers with cold water are not recommended, such as in the case of hypothyroidism, as the cold sensation major in people who suffer it, as well as in cases of heart problems.