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Benefits of the tempeh for your health

The tempeh, originally from Indonesia, is a fermented food from the soybean and, among other properties, is easily digestible. It is an exceptional source of vegetable protein, being a perfect choice to replace meat in vegan diets and vegetarian.

benefits of the tempeh

One hundred grams of tempeh contribute approximately 40% of the proteins that our body needs. Quantity that provides approximately 200 calories, also it is a food to be considered when following a low calorie diet without losing essential nutrients. Do not end here the benefits reported by the tempeh for health. Check them out.


Tempeh is obtained from cooked and fermented soybeans with fungus called Rhizopus oligosporus. It is a food widely used in Asian cuisine and, in recent years, it has begun to reach our pantries either our diet.

It is one of the many varieties where soy is presented, its main ingredient. Of appearance similar to the tofu, the difference lies in the fermentation process. It is possible to prepare coffee with a dash of milk in dice grilled or fried, or as an ingredient added to other recipes such as broths, creams and soups.

Tempeh is rich in essential amino acids (which makes its proteins are of high quality), vitamin B and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, copper). Among the benefits that are attributed to tempeh, most shared with the vegetable from which it comes, it will include reducing the risk of heart disease, regulate the blood glucose levels and the levels of cholesterol, promote intestinal transit and promote the digestive health. It is also considered a potent antioxidant and, being low in sodium suitable for people with hypertension.

In the case of women, tempeh, because it contains isoflavones, is a good ally of your health, especially in stages like menopause because it helps to relieve some of their most common complaints such as hot flashes and at the same time protects the bones.