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Bipolar disorder: how to detect this disease

Bipolar disorder is a condition characterized by sudden mood swings difficult to identify because it is often confused with other disorders, such as depression, since people suffering from this disease have this other disease periods.

bipolar disorder

It is a chronic disease rather complicated but can be controlled with treatment, but more importantly is able to detect that the person actually has it, and it is good to know the symptoms that cause.

Bipolar disorder is manic-depressive illness that makes people who suffer with very strong changes in their mood, meaning it may take a moment of euphoria full or absolute depression.

The bipolarity has medical treatment to cure, as asenapine, but before we get to this point you have to know it to detect and should know the symptoms experienced by these people during their manic episodes and depressive respectively.

When in a manic state, which usually lasts about a week, some of the symptoms that may develop include:

  • A state of euphoria and excessive joy that makes the person feel too self-esteem and in a state of grandeur.
  • The patient believes he is very relaxed and it is sufficient to sleep about three hours.
  • If he talk a lot, or insists that the people around her continue with the conversation.
  • Want to stay active all the time, the ideas will constantly flow into the head and creates more and more goals to achieve in social, work, studies … and also wants to meet certain pleasures compulsively.

Conversely, if have a period of depression typical of a person with bipolar disorder, it will last about two weeks and the symptoms to be detected are:

  • That he himself admits that he feels depressed and tearful constantly and this will lead to not wanting to do anything or take interest in things.
  • Weight loss or gain kilos without any clear reason.
  • Insomnia, or conversely of hypersomnia, every day.
  • Reduced ability to concentrate and become unsafe, so that may even have suicidal thoughts.

The bipolar disorder is a very serious disease and that it is very important to know the symptoms that may develop to timely detect and remedy it as soon as possible.