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Black garlic: Benefits and properties

Did you know that black garlic multiplies by ten its antioxidant effect? Discover how it differs from common garlic and what its benefits are.

black garlic

Do you dare to try the black garlic? And the fact is that behind this characteristic color, a result of the maturation process or natural fermentation of garlic, a source of interesting benefits hides for the health. Lightly toasted on the outside, to remove the first layer discovered the black garlic cloves. The fermentation process also changes its texture, making it more tender, and its flavor, lighter.

Although it shares many of the properties of common garlic, it is that there are some differences that make the black garlic gain in health benefits. Let’s look more closely, what brings us this type of garlic and, as a curiosity, it is originally from Japan.

More antioxidants

The process of fermentation is long and requires a specific temperature and humidity. As a result, the black garlic, among other properties, stands out for its antioxidant content, in quantities greater than the common garlic (its antioxidant effect is multiplied by ten). Antioxidants are essential to combat the effects of free radicals and slow down the aging. The black garlic also contains up to 5 times more polyphenols than normal garlic.


Among others, the black garlic has attributed an antibiotic, antiseptic, digestive and expectorant effect. It helps to reduce blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels and strengthen bones. Of course, it is an excellent ally to strengthen the defenses. It is also good for digestion and helps in the healing of wounds.

How to include it in the diet

The black garlic, for its texture and flavor, you can take smeared on a slice of bread at breakfast. The recommendation is to take garlic on an empty stomach in the mornings to take advantage of all its benefits.