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The burundanga, also known as scopolamine, is a powerful drug difficult to detect in an analysis and that overrides the will, produces disinhibition and amnesia in whom ingested in just a few minutes. A drug practically unknown to the vast majority, beyond its medicinal and therapeutic uses, until a few years ago.

burundanga attacks

Scopolamine or burundanga, in small doses, is used for the treatment of disorders related to the central nervous system, as well as certain symptoms such as dizziness or nausea. However, burundanga has a double face, its worst letter of presentation after relate its use with cases of robbery and sexual assault, especially to women.

In fact, experts estimate that behind more than 20% of sexual assaults there is chemical submission for consumption of this drug. In fact another of its names is devil’s breath. How can we prevent attacks with burundanga?

To know how it is consumed and its effects

Burundanga is absorbed through the gastrointestinal system in a very fast way, so this drug is usually manage mixed in food or beverages. Another way to enter the body is through the airways, for example, to inhale contaminated cigarette. In just a few minutes the victim will lose his will and, by referring the effects, not remember anything.

Prudence and prevention

There are a number of simple gestures that will help us to avoid burundanga attacks or at least to make it difficult for anyone trying to add this drug to our glass, for example. If we are in a public place, such as bars or clubs, should pay attention to strangers who approach us. It is not to be distrustful but cautious.

We must also avoid accepting drinks from strangers and avoid providing too much personal data that can compromise (phone, address …). If we go to a public place with friends, it is important that at least one of us always keep eye on the table with drinks or food. If we notice that some unknown person comes to our table, or touches our drink, when in doubt it is better to avoid this consumption.