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Blisters, similar to a fluid-filled sac, appears by the continued rubbing skin with other material. Brand new shoes, wear uncomfortable shoes or excess sweat are some of the most common causes of the emergence of the annoying and even painful blisters on the feet. Interestingly, the blisters are a defense mechanism of the skin to act as cushion the friction and, somehow, to be protected.

blisters on toes

What to do to prevent and, above all, to relieve the discomfort that cause blisters? In this case, we can dip into natural remedies, which can be an excellent ally to keep protected at our feet from the feared blisters, especially if you’ve just released premiered the pair of newly purchased shoes.

As we will see not only have to be cautious with the beautiful shoes in addition must be suitable for the health of our feet, also with the choice of socks or stockings. To prevent chafing and consequential lesions of the skin, we can apply a cream that includes zinc and silicate of magnesium oxide to soften skin and for reducing friction with stockings. Powders of zinc and magnesium are also able to maintain more dry foot to absorb the sweat.

When choosing stockings, better fine and free of seams. They must be of the exact size of the foot, neither too long nor too short. To prevent the appearance of blisters also it is convenient to wash and dry your feet well, trim nails properly and choose breathable socks and shoes.

If you’re a lover of sport, a good remedy is to apply ointments by means of Vaseline in the areas of major risk.

In addition, as soon as you feel any discomfort, it is important to wash the area with SOAP and water, apply an antiseptic and put gauze to protect the foot, especially when the blisters appear on the floor. All of these precautions help prevent swollen feet and the formation of open and infected wounds.

How to heal blisters and remedies
Blisters on the feet, sometimes, tend to recover almost in a spontaneous way, being sufficient in spite of choosing for more comfortable footwear. Wash your foot with water and soap is enough. The ideal thing would be to use a bandage to protect the area and, in some cases, it can help to puncture the blister softly to extract the liquid and to heal faster. In all of this it must be careful not to cause infection. It is very important to disinfect the needle with alcohol before doing so.

If the blisters on the feet are very painful or have traces of blood inside, should immediately ask the doctor to avoid possible infection. Advice should always follow those suffering from diabetes or disorders related to the circulation. If we see an accumulation of pus in the wound or intense reddening of the skin is necessary to go to a doctor, because there is the risk of incurring a serious infection.

Natural remedies
We can also use natural remedies to treat blisters on feet, such as foot baths based on natural substances combined with warm water. For example, we can use the essential oil of mint, thyme or eucalyptus. Another solution is the bath of warm water with salt and baking soda. These remedies are used to soften and moisturize the skin. Mint, thyme and eucalyptus have a calming, refreshing, antiseptic and antibacterial effect.

We can also apply a few slices of lemon or a clove of crushed garlic. All covered with gauze, is let stand overnight. Also there can be useful the olive oil or the application of chopped geranium leaves and mixed with milk.

The feet bath with lavender is a remedy that should be repeated every night, combined with other Balsam as marigold and tea tree, able to act against bacteria and inflammation components.