Breast tumor: 5 symptoms to consider

The prevention is the best weapon to fight breast cancer, one of the most common among women, and fortunately, thanks to medical advances, one of which has a high survival rate. Prevention begins exposing in advance the first signs that reveal their possible presence. Let’s see the five most common symptoms and we should not underestimate and before which we should consult our doctor, as if we have any doubt. Prevention is in our hands.

fight breast cancer


One of the first warning signs is the appearance of nodules, which are typically discovered when the woman is made self-examination of the breasts. A fundamental self-examination for the prevention and early diagnosis for this type of cancer. The nodules can be noticed to the touch.

Changes in the nipple

The abnormal signals that can let us know of a health problem include alterations of the nipple, such as the appearance of lumps that were not previously, or the presence of loss of one nipple. When losses occur in both the causes tends to be rather hormonal type.

Inflammation and anomalies

The breast swelling and changes in their shape and size can also be an indicator of malignancy. It has to monitor the swollen nipples and breast tissue, as well as those adjacent to the armpit.

Irritation or redness

A small blemish on the skin should not be alarmed, but if when the changes are similar to the orange peel. Also the redness of the breast is considered to be an abnormal symptom, especially if directly affects the nipple area or the area of the breast.


The pain is usually associated with physiological changes in the hormonal cycle, but sometimes can also be a sign of malignant lesion. Although the relationship between pain and tumor is not close, we should not underestimate it, especially when severe pain and that spreads throughout the breast.