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Bruises: How to cure with natural remedies

Bruises, or also known as cardinals, are spots that we leave in the body after having been struck or similar cause, which does not have to be painful but eyesore.


The bruises seem to be more than what are in fact by its intense color, which changes over time, so it’s good to know the tricks are going to take today to conceal and so when you have to look your skin do not do a great Cardinal, since are pretty little aesthetic view.

The bruises mean blood concentration that causes us to form a wound that changes color as it begins to quickly move still red to purple, and when it is healing, usually taking a more yellowish or greenish. The point is that at any stage of the cardinal, especially when dwelling, it is very noticeable and unsightly sight, so today we want to teach to disguise it.

The causes of bruise may be very different and not necessarily serious, as the wax for hair removal, a little bump with the door that you grab a little strong of arm, etc. can make you an annoying Cardinal hurts a little and it is ugly to the eye.

Remedies to cure bruises

  • The more typical remedy is to get cold (either ice or a frozen bag of peas) in the affected area at the time you get the bruise, but if in your case, and you suddenly wound, is not convenient to you to do it. Apply a warm cloth so that open the blood vessels and blood flow better.
  • Soak a cotton ball with cold vinegar and apply it on the area of the cardinal.
  • Arnica leaves are very good for the bruises because it is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties with an ointment that boiling a few leaves of the plant in water and then applied to the skin in the hitting area.
  • Egg white collagen is very good for bruises, so if you don’t wound apply directly on the area of the cardinal for a couple of days.
  • Vaseline has many uses and between them can serve as an ingredient to make an ointment to ease the bruises. Heat water bath 200 gr of Vaseline to simmer and add comfrey leaves and stir for one hour. Strained the preparation and pour in a glass bottle to make it curdle. Then apply the mixture in the cardinal.

If suddenly you find a bruise on your leg and within days you have to look perfect legs, do not hesitate to try any of these tricks!

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