Cancer: Gestures that can get rid of the risks

More than you know. With simple gestures can not only ward off risks, but also gain in quality of life. Adopt a healthy lifestyle, identify risk factors to prevent and be attentive to the signs that our body sends us are three premises determinant, but not only cancer is a genetic issue, can also have an environmental source, so we are going to take note of the guidelines to follow for better prevention.

cancer prevention

Prevention and early diagnosis is the perfect equation for coping with cancer, one of the most dreaded diseases and also you can win the battle. The breast cancer, for example, is more common among women (about 30% of all cases), but fortunately their survival rate is increasing. We speak in this case of prevention, what can we do in this regard? Much more than we can imagine. Did you know that the hot tea can increase the risk and fish reduce them? It is just one example of the simple patterns or gestures that we can change in our day to day to keep out the risks of cancer.

Cancer prevention: Guidelines to follow

Not all cancers are genetic, in fact most are environmental in origin. This result in controlling risk factors better protect us from this disease.

Ventilate the house every day: The houses or enclosed spaces, poorly ventilated, accumulate radon gas that, when released from soil to air emit radioactive particles that adhere to the dust, aerosols or other airborne particles. This gas is found mostly in the water and building materials of low quality.

Do not reuse the oil: The oil, when it overheats repeatedly, loses triglycerides and generates smaller substances (oxygenated aldehydes unsaturated alpha-beta) which, when taken react with proteins, hormones and enzymes in the body and alter their structure and function.

Do not place the laptop on the legs: The laptop always on the table, never on the legs, a habit that should be amended because it can cause burned skin syndrome, a condition that makes us more vulnerable to cancer.

Avoid biting pens: A common habit, but dangerous, because almost all the pens are made from polyethylene or polystyrene.

The fish, best small: food safety experts recommend avoiding large species (swordfish, shark or tuna), since they have higher levels of mercury and methylmercury.

Avoid hot drinks: Hot drinks increase the risk of esophageal cancer, and in the case of tea or coffee with milk the risk doubles. Meanwhile, take fresh fruit, especially citrus, reduces risk, unlike red meat or animal fats.

Dental Hygiene: Dental plaque increases the risks.

More organic food: Food free of pesticides and other artificial substances.

Skin care: Receiving a regular peel helps regenerate the skin and stimulate the p53 protein, protective against skin tumors.