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Cardoons: 5 health benefits

Just you need to spice up this vegetable with a drizzle of olive oil to enjoy its flavor, and of course its benefits. Cardoons also known as artichoke thistle can be exploited everything, even the cooking broth, rich in minerals and vitamins and can be used to prepare a delicious and nutritious soup or a sauce.

cardoons in diet

Taking vegetables every day is essential to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Hence the importance of betting on the variety that gives us every season of the year to take advantage of the seasonal vegetables. Let’s discover 5 Healthy reasons that include cardoons in the diet, a foodstuff to which are attributed to therapeutic properties.

Rich in calcium

The cardoon is an excellent source of calcium, an essential mineral for the health of bones. In addition, it is rich in a soluble fiber like inulin, good for absorbing this mineral in the intestine. And to redouble the calcium contribution, we can prepare the cardoons with a sauce of almonds, a nut also rich in this mineral.

Prevent anemia

Another of its properties is that it contains iron, an essential mineral for the body and whose deficiency causes anemia. By its content in this mineral is also a food that helps to better combat the cold.

Improves intestinal flora

Thanks to its fiber content, the cardoons are also considered a good food to regenerate and take care of the intestinal flora, helping to eliminate waste substances that accumulate in the intestine. A healthy vegetable.

Ally of the liver

A food that acts as a shield protector for the liver and gallbladder, and thanks to its cynarin content is attributed to the effect of preventing the formation of stones in the gallbladder, while helping to purify the liver. By increasing the production of bile, it also prevents constipation.

Take care of your weight

Each kilo counts for the health, so it is convenient to take care of the weight. And here the cardoons are also a good ally because these are low in calories, only 20 kcal per hundred grams. It helps to better control the appetite, to eliminate retained liquids and, if you are on diet, to lose the extra pounds that you have gained without realizing it.