The memory loss, either temporary or permanent, can be defined as amnesia or difficulty to remember the past events. Generally memory loss related with old age, but it should be noted that although age is the main factor affecting the progressive deterioration of the brain and memory, there are otherContinue Reading

Depression is an unfortunately common ailment in today’s world. What’s more, the statistics show that it is only becoming more common. The reasons for this are various and complex, and a discussion for another day. But there is good news for anybody who is prone to the illness: there areContinue Reading

The facial paralysis, the causes can be diverse, it is a disorder of neurological origin which involves partial or total loss of voluntary movement of facial muscles, a progressive loss, especially affecting those who are involved in swallowing and breathing. The so-called motor neurons of the brain are activated inContinue Reading

The hoarseness is a very common disorder in cold months and when forces the voice. For example, the performance of certain professions (singers, public relations, teachers and other professionals who work a lot with the voice) is a risk factor of a nuisance as well as causing speaking difficulty becauseContinue Reading

The new technologies, and as well as new challenges and ways of communicating, have also brought us new addictions (in this case, the mobile phone) or irrational fears (to lose it or exit without it). What is nomophobia? It is the symptom behind hides a new disorder that can beContinue Reading