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Chalazion in the eye: Causes, Cures and Treatments

A small lump on the eyelid reveals its presence, and although it is usually painless, it is necessary to try that it does not become infected. What to do if a chalazion in the eye?

chalazion in the eye

The chalazion – in medical terms, Meibomian gland lipogranuloma – appears on the eyelid in the form of small lump or granite. The cause is blockage of the sebaceous glands that are located behind the tabs and which are called Meibomian glands. Although similar in appearance, the chalazion is different at the hordeolum. Why are these glands obstructed? What are the most effective remedies for the chalazion? How to prevent its occurrence?

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Why are the Meibomian glands obstructed? The function of these glands is to produce sebum to maintain lubricated surface of the eyes. When a blockage occurs or sebum is trapped it occurs an inflammation that leads to a small lump or chalazion, which may take forward several weeks.


How to recognize the chalazion? Usually, it does not hurt, but it can become infected and inflamed, so you should not underestimate. What we must never do is squeeze or tries to exploit that little bundle, since in this case the risk of infection is much higher. The most common symptoms are more sensitive to the eyelid, increased lacrimation, inflammation of the eyelid and increased sensitivity to light (photophobia). Chalazia are not a matter of age, since both the adults and the children can have them.


Although in most cases usually resolve on their own, if we have questions or chalazion does not refer should consult the doctor to know what the best remedy to treat it is. Among the natural and home remedies to relieve chalazion, proper hygiene of the eye is the fastest method of healing. It is advisable to apply warm compresses up to four times a day to promote drainage of the eye, followed by rinsing (with the closed eyes) with warm water. To clean lashes, with the help of a cotton swab can apply a few drops of baby shampoo around the tabs, then wash with warm water without rubbing the eyes.

When the chalazion does not refer, but increases in size, the doctor may recommend removing it with a simple surgery. In these cases, the doctor may prescribe apply some antibiotic eye drops for several days.