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Chronic muscle contracture: Symptoms and natural remedies

Muscle contractures are a distension of the muscle that causes a series of stress ailments that are persistent and require treatment. There are some contractions that for our daily routine can persist doing that certain tasks turn in unbearable. Here are the symptoms associated with this type of contracture and how you can alleviate them naturally.

chronic muscle contracture

How to recognize a chronic muscular contracture?

Chronic muscular contractures have some common symptoms:

Acute and repetitive local pain

Pain in the area in which there is the contraction similar to a pinch or a puncture that appears as usual when we are in a position in which the contracted muscle is forced. When the pain appears, it is necessary to correct the posture or otherwise the contracture will become more acute.


If the contracture is located in the cervical area, it can develop specific dizziness when it can be inferred in the posture causing pain. This dizziness is temporary and do not have a neuronal cause but must be treated because otherwise it may become persistent and make our daily routine something impossible to maintain.


If you have migraine, it is very common that these appear associated with a contracture. The best thing in these cases is to stretch the muscle in question and take anti-inflammatory because until the muscular resentment does not stop the migraine will not disappear and it is a very painful and annoying condition.

Breathing pains

If you have a contracture in any of the muscles associated with the neck or upper extremities of the moving limbs you may experience pain or puncture when breathing. At this point you must relax the muscle and wait for it to go or otherwise you can develop a crisis of anxiety associated with the inability to breathe normally.

Natural remedies that can help to relieve pain

Hemp oil

Although it is a little tricky to get, it is undoubtedly the most effective remedy against muscle contractures, to relieve the pain you should do circular rubs on the affected area twice a day. In many cases, the properties of this oil can even cause the discomfort to disappear.

Himalayan salt

This component of many decorative objects has caloric properties that improve blood circulation causing the pain to subside and even make it disappear. Place a bag of salt in the affected area and hold it for a long time to soothe and relieve the pain.

Tea Tree Oil

If you do not get the hemp oil, this oil can be used as a substitute because it has similar properties. Apply it a couple of times a day and you will see how the discomfort disappears completely.

Question of treating the area

The most important thing if you have a chronic muscular contracture is that you receive rehabilitation. Only a correct rehabilitation can cause the contracture to disappear forever. So you know, if you discover that the condition is chronic do not hesitate and go to a specialist.