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Swollen lymph nodes in the neck: More common causes

The neck is one of the areas where place the about 600 nodes that we have in the body. But why are these inflamed? What are the most common causes of swollen lymph nodes in the neck? Knowing the answers will help us to solve some doubts and, above all, to avoid anxiety when detecting hard lymph node in the neck.

swollen lymph nodes

The concern is undoubtedly the first reaction to the detection of an inflamed lymph node or lump in the neck, motivated largely by the ignorance of what are the roles played by the lymph nodes and that, in short, of protective shield of our organism. In addition to the neck, lymph nodes are located mainly in the groin and armpits. Swollen lymph nodes in neck are the most common and being able to appear both in children and adults.

Swollen lymph nodes, is it bad?

Although it is true that if the inflammation does not go away in a few days you have to consult with the doctor, in principle the inflammation of the lymph nodes is not always negative, but that is the response of the immune system defend against the attack of any bacteria, virus or infectious germ.

If the inflammation persists, with redness of the area and hardening of the ganglion – to touch does not move – fever, excess sweating, joint pain or weight loss may occur without any apparent cause.

Causes of swollen lymph nodes in the neck

  • Sore throat, cold, pharyngitis, otitis are some of the infections that can lead to inflammation of the lymph nodes in the neck.
  • Infections that can add other health problems that affect the immune system, such as rheumatoid arthritis or lupus.
  • The allergy or hypersensitivity to certain medications is also included among the possible causes of swollen lymph nodes.
  • In addition to viral diseases that affect the respiratory tract, mononucleosis (also known as kissing disease by its route of transmission) can cause the same sensation as well as toxoplasmosis (infection).

Diagnosis of swollen lymph nodes

Of course, it is important that the doctor certifies the exact cause of swelling of the lymph nodes to rule out other health problems. Among medical tests, in addition to palpating lymph nodes (also need to detect if the rest of the body are swollen or only those of the neck), a blood test is included and, if the inflammation is maintained, an ultrasound or a biopsy may be recommended.

Although it is true that prevention is fundamental in everything related to health, if we notice an inflammation of the neck lymph nodes, before worrying excessively it is important that we review, for example, if in recent days we have noticed other symptoms or ailments, especially if we had a respiratory infection. We must not ignore the signals that our body sends to us, so we must feel the lymph nodes, and if we notice hardened, irregular form to the touch and does not move, go to the doctor.