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Conjunctivitis: Five home remedies

Not only it is annoying, but easily spreads. Red eyes are one of the most obvious warning signs, but not the only. Conjunctivitis, defined in medical terms as inflammation of the conjunctiva, or outer layer, and one of the most sensitive, the eye, can be get in some cases – infectious conjunctivitis – accompanied by fever.

remedies for conjunctivitis

In case of conjunctivitis, as well as saline solution or artificial tears, there are some home remedies that can help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms.

Eye redness, itching, burning, blurred vision, tearing and photophobia are the most common symptoms of conjunctivitis. A pathology whose treatment includes proper hand washing, use saline solution or artificial tears if the doctor considers, apply eye drops with antibiotics or antivirals. They are some of the tips to combat the conjunctivitis symptoms, although in this case, some traditional home remedies or can also be a good ally to mitigate the discomfort of a disease that can be of various types, infectious (caused by virus or bacteria) or allergic. In the first case, usually lasts between 3 and 4 weeks, but could also have a fever. Meanwhile, allergic conjunctivitis is related to seasonal periods with increased risk of allergies.

Among the natural remedies for conjunctivitis

Milk yogurt: Specifically goat milk, rich in antioxidants. It can be eaten or applied directly to the affected area. If we include in the diet, may be accompanied by honey, prized for its antiseptic and anti-infective properties.

Hydration: The water, temperature in contrast, does not cure conjunctivitis but it does help relieve symptoms and reduce the duration. It is advisable to apply cotton or compress soaked in cold water and then in warm water. This will help prevent eye dryness.

Vitamins: Foods rich in vitamins A and B, such as milk, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, squash or carrots, help prevent conjunctivitis to promote the health of the retina.

Cucumber: Not only it is used as a culinary product, but also to enhance the beauty and conjunctivitis. Water, Vitamin E and natural oils make up the cucumber, which must be placed on the affected area in the form of slices, for about ten minutes. Helps relieve discomfort due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

Bitter Chamomile: It has dilating and sedative properties, which may help to alleviate the discomfort of conjunctivitis. A cotton ball soaked in chamomile tea is one of the best known natural remedies, especially to clean the eyes after tearing.

Preventing and treating

Irritant conjunctivitis usually lasts between one and two days, but if does not subside you should consult a doctor. Also, to prevent and treat conjunctivitis should protect the eyes when we go to the swimming, especially in the case of children, as well as avoiding contact with the allergen in the case of allergic conjunctivitis.

It is also advisable to wash hands frequently, and avoid touching or rubbing your eyes if having them washed before. If conjunctivitis has appeared, to avoid infection, avoid sharing towels or handkerchiefs, and changes the pillows (especially if there has been tearing).

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