Continuous and sudden dizziness: Causes and remedies

The dizziness can become a very annoying disorder, not only when it is passed and appears suddenly, but especially when these are continuous and abrupt. The first step is undoubtedly identifying the causes behind the dizziness, that is, to have an accurate diagnosis to apply the remedies and treatment.


When there is a sudden, isolated and temporary dizziness we tend not give due attention. However, dizziness is often the symptom or sign that something is wrong in our body, so should not underestimate it. Dizziness can become annoying, especially becomes repetitive. Identify the causes is essential to apply the proper remedies and improve our welfare. Dizziness may come accompanied by other symptoms such as headache, blurred vision (also may be a sign of visual stress) or sweating.

Dizziness: Main causes

Dizziness can be caused by disease-related cervical. In fact, it is common that the dizziness can be attributed to what is known as cervical whiplash-sign of cervical problems-called cervical osteoarthritis, the symptoms should not be underestimated. Note that, in these cases, dizziness is only a pathology symptom which can be more complex. Dizziness often occurs when, for example, a sudden movement is performed with the head.

Nor should we overlook the fact that dizziness can be a symptom of diseases related to ear. Not always pay all the attention it requires, but neglecting the health of ears can take its toll. Dizziness can be produced by disorders of the inner ear, which plays an essential role in maintaining the balance.

Dizziness also caused by other disorders associated with blood circulation. In this sense, we should pay attention to blood pressure levels, whether they are high and low (hypotension), especially when the time comes to stand up, with back straight, after having spent a lot of time sitting.

Sometimes dizziness is related to a little healthy or balanced diet, especially when we decided to take a slimming diet without medical supervision (may cause a nutritional deficiency if dieting before we do not ensure that our health is optimal). The body, in this case, can be found without any substances or nutrients, dizziness being a warning sign. Therefore, in terms of diet, it is advisable to always follow medical recommendations for proper nutrition.

Dizziness: Remedies to consider

The remedies for dizziness vary, of course, depending on the reasons that cause it. In any case, you should always consult your doctor to uncover the exact causes and apply the more suitable treatment. If we suspect that this is a hearing problem and there may lay the cause of dizziness, it is advisable to consult a specialist, i.e., the otolaryngologist.

If the dizziness or vertigo is related to blood pressure problems, a quick remedy and that we can apply to relieve symptoms is to sit or lie down with legs elevated to facilitate the blood reaches the brain. If dizziness is caused by a decrease in glucose levels in the body we can do is to take sugar to re-balance.