Curious ways of knowing sex of baby

Are you pregnant? Do you like eating chicken or beef? Well, then obviously it will be a boy. But if you love the music and the dance, is sure to be a girl… these are some of the methods used before modern technology give us certainty the sex of the baby that we were expecting.

knowing sex of baby

Although today take the test to determine the sex of the child based on the renewal of parents’ blood, with ultrasound, 4D imaging and even genetic testing for the genome of the unborn and give us more lightly in the future, we bring some historic curious ways to know the sex of the baby:

Sure, it’s not the most scientific of determinations but for women living in a world before the ultrasound, there was no way of knowing exactly what or who or how many were there. Modern technology has made a window in a place that, for hundreds of thousands of years, lit only speculation. Therefore, if you do not have the benefit of that window (which, incidentally, is not always clear), how do you know if you take a boy or a girl? And perhaps more importantly, what would you choose?

Rather than guess, how to do it: Though sex differentiation is secondary now, whether it is prohibited in fertility treatments, in the Middle Ages, they used the so-called gospels of women’s work, a collection of traditions collected by “doctors” of the era in which the recommendations of sex positions settled to conceive a son.

Among the advice was based that man should see to the east during the sexual act, which was the best time in the morning without eating before. If a girl wanted, was preferred in the afternoon and evening. To those duties, nowadays there is the Shettles method, based on the idea that the Y chromosome, the male, are faster swimmers, but not live as long as X, female. So if you want a child you should try to have sex as close to ovulation as possible, to give the male sperm a fighting chance, if you want a girl, you should have intercourse two to four days before ovulate. Whelan is also the method, which is somewhat the opposite: if you want a child, you should have sex four to six days before you are about to ovulate and if you want a girl, two or three days ago. The Whelan method is based on the idea of the basal body temperature which affects the determination of sex.

Tell me how you walk and I will tell what will happen: According to the belief, whether walking support more body in your right foot, which conceive a boy, if left, will be a girl, at least that’s what I pray the Gospels of female tasks.

Salt test: The same documents were assuring that when a woman is pregnant of a child and she wants to know what waiting, it is necessary to dust salt on her head while she sleeps, so softly that she does not realize it. When you wake up, read the first name that comes to mind, if it’s a woman it will be a girl and if man is a boy … a lot of logic has, but good without ultrasound, anything could mean something or is it?

Nausea: It is believed in many cultures, even today persists that when you have more nausea in early pregnancy will be a girl, but if symptoms begin after the first quarter will be a boy.

Cravings: The patriarchal tradition says that women “are naturally sweet” so if sweet food craving during pregnancy will be a girl, however if you prefer are sour, salty or bitter foods will be child, of course this has no groundless has been proven.

Ring test: Perhaps the most widespread myth, the ritual of placing the ring suspended on a chain or rope on the belly of the pregnant woman and depending on where swinging know sex: if side by side will be a boy, if its in a circle will be a girl.

The shape of the belly: According to the ancient popular tradition, if the shape of the belly of pregnancy is down will be a boy, but if it will forward girl.